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Adoption Centers at Mounds Pet food WarehouseInstead of selling animals, Mounds encourages potential pet owners to look to local animal shelters or rescue groups for their new best friend. Mounds has also built our own, creative solution to the problem of pet shelter overpopulation. “Mounds Satellite Adoption Centers” run as an ongoing partnership with the Dane County Humane Society. These small, in-store accommodations benefit hundreds of animals each year by giving them a terrific outlet to be adopted into a new home, and provide the DCHS with much needed extra room to house soon-to-be-adopted pets at no cost. Mounds also opens its doors to rescue groups and shelters as a public place to host events that showcase adoptable animals, collect donations, recruit volunteers and provide general information about their organization’s efforts help homeless animals through in-store demonstrations.

As evidenced by our in-store Satellite Adoption Centers, Mounds largest and most enduring partnership has been with the Dane County Humane Society. Each February, Mounds’ hosts a month-long “People for Pets” event, wherein Mounds will donate 10% of all pet food sales (up to $75,000) to the Dane County Humane Society. 

Mounds pet donations to Dane County Humane SocietyIn December, we host a donation drive called “Humane Holidays” for the Dane County Humane Society (in our Madison area locations), and the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin (in our Janesville Location). The humane societies provide wish lists of their most needed items, which Mounds posts around our stores and promotes on social media. Our customers are encouraged to purchase said items and put them on our present themed donation bins. After the drive is over, Mounds takes responsibility for loading our company truck with the gifts and delivering them to the Humane Societies so their soon-to-be-adopted pets can have happy holidays too. In 2018, the Dane County Humane Society received 8,444 pounds of food and 5 pallets of assorted toys, treats, and care products. The Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin received 14,800 pounds of food and 1 pallet of assorted toys, treats, and care products.

Dane County Humane Society testimonial:

“One of the most significant donations each year is the gift of all of the regular, dry cat and dog food and a majority of the cat litter Dane County Humane Society can use. This significant donation totals nearly 10,000 pounds of food and nearly 17,000 pounds of cat litter – a total of $40,000 in value each and every year!  By providing for the basic food and care needs of our animals year after year, DCHS is able to use our other funds to provide medical care, staff support, and focus our attention on finding our animals their forever homes.  This support has continued over the course of our 20+ year relationship with Mounds, giving DCHS a sustainable and secure source of support for over two decades.”

“Mounds partners with us and the Community Action Collation to invite the general public to dig a little deeper by collecting in-kind donations for local pantries with the “Keep Pets in Their Home” program all year-round. These donations go to monthly needs for families in our area that are having a hard time making ends meet, providing them with the opportunity to feed their pet and keep them in their home versus having to surrender them to the shelter. Another donation program that is particularly big for Mounds and DCHS is their annual Humane Holiday’s Drive, resulting in a truckload of donations arriving at DCHS after Christmas. Mounds employees are also encouraged to give back and volunteer for any cause that sparks their passion. No matter how a shopper, vendor or employee wants to get involved, Mounds is there to help them find their cause and encourage them to give!

Mounds also provides significant financial support for DCHS.  They renew their $1,000 table sponsorship at our premier annual fundraising event, Toto’s Gala, each year and donate $40,000 annually to help us staff and support Mounds Satellite Adoption Centers. Mounds also stepped up to donate an additional $12,000 toward DCHS staff and volunteer uniforms.  Thanks to Mounds’ generosity, our staff and volunteers will now be provided with uniform t-shirts to do good work while looking good!

Despite their own advertising needs, Mounds also takes every marketing opportunity to shine a light on the good work happening throughout the local animal welfare community.  Their website features a wealth of information, including pet tips, upcoming events, links to rescue groups, ways to donate, educational resources and other pet service providers. They always have links straight to the DCHS website on their home page, encouraging people to look to DCHS as a source of advice as well as a great option to find a new family member. Each store hosts various rescue organizations’ adoption and microchipping events throughout the year. Mounds is always open to hosting tables at their store entrances, giving non-profits greatly increased visibility and the chance to talk directly with the public. This is a perfect opportunity for us to educate, advertise, and fundraise! 

Our friends at Mounds also encourage other businesses to be as philanthropic as possible. When DCHS asks for help with a particular event or purchase, Mounds often volunteers to work with vendors to get items donated or available to us at cost.  For example, at our Bunny Bunanza last year, Mounds worked with vendors to get all sorts of house rabbit supplies donated to make the event a great success!  They also helped provide new horse care items so that we could open our new Horse & Livestock Barn with all the tools we needed!  Mounds is always ready to donate high-value packages to our two annual silent auctions and provides great raffle prize baskets each year.”

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