DogsInVests Round Up

Help us reach our goal
of $10,000 for DogsInVests
in September!

Help them provide custom-trained
service dogs for children and young adults with autism.

About DogsInVests:

DogsInVests began with a dream to help others become more independent. They strive to empower individuals with special needs by providing them with custom-trained service dogs. DogsInVests is the only service dog facility specializing in the training and placement of dogs for individuals with Autism in Southeastern Wisconsin. They are also the only organization placing these service dogs at no cost to the individuals or their families. In addition to training and placing service dogs, DogsInVests also facilitates awareness-building presentations that educate children and families about Autism, the benefits of service dogs for individuals with Autism, and how to behave around a working service dog. The costs associated with training, veterinary care, nutrition, and supplies total approximately $20,000 per dog and takes about two years. They are located in Palmyra, WI.

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