Mounds has the fish food & fish supplies you need to keep your water dwelling friends happy.

Whether you are looking to add a few fish to your home for the first time, spruce up the space, or simply maintain what you currently have, Mounds can help you out. Fish need the right fish food and fish supplies to stay happy and healthy. With trusted brands like API, Aqueon, Hikari, Marineland, Tetra, and Wardley, you can be certain that Mounds only provides high quality products.

Mounds has a variety of terrarium bulbs and bedding options to choose from. These aquarium supplies allow a personalized and fun fish environment. Along with fish food and fish supplies, Mounds offers water treatments to help keep your tank water as clean and clear as possible. Waste naturally builds up in fish tanks from uneaten food and regular bodily functions. Fish also create nitrate and phosphate waste, which can be detrimental to the health of your fish. Mounds has effective water treatments to fit your fish needs. Even if you keep your fish in an outdoor pond rather than in a tank indoors, Mounds can supply your fish with the pond fish food they need.

Fish Food

  • Aquarium fish foods
  • Weekend feeders
  • Koi & pond fish foods

Fish Supplies

  • Filter cartridge replacements
  • Gravel vacuums
  • Water treatments
  • Betta fish supplies

Please note: Not all sizes, brands and products are available at every Mounds location. Please call for availability or to special order a product.