Pet Training

Train Well-Mannered Pets with Our Pet Training Tools

Transform your mischievous pets into well-mannered companions with Mounds’ top of the line pet training supplies. Our supplies are great for pet owners who are new to training or for experienced animal lovers. We carry a variety of tools for all types of training methods. Curb naughty behaviors with clicker trainers, no-scratch sprays, and no pull harnesses; or reward good manners with calming treats from treat pouches. We have a large supply of products for your pet training needs: house training, leash training, potty training, and no-chew sprays.

For your felines, we carry calming edibles, sprays, and collars. Keep your cat active with cat trees, cat window platforms, play puzzles, slow feeders, and a wide variety of cat toys. Litter box train with options! We carry a great selection of litter boxes, cat litters, and litter mats, as well as litter box attractants and litter box deodorizers.


Pet Training Tools for Every Stage

From teething puppies learning basic skills for the first time to older dogs that just need a quick refresher on their manners, we carry many effective and trusted training products for every stage of a pet’s development. Prevent accidents with potty training tools for both cats and dogs. Potty training pads and bells help reinforce a proactive potty training routine for dogs. No pull harnesses further help develop well-mannered pets.


Pet Training Supplies for High Energy Pets

Advance your pet training with our pet training supplies. To occupy the mind of your high-energy or bored pet, we have food puzzles, slow feeders, and treat balls. You can also freeze treats, dog food, or peanut butter in certain dog toys, to keep your pet occupied longer.  If your pet has nervous energy and can’t settle down even after proper exercise, calming products may be a great solution. Relieve nervous energy through such calming products as calming collars, calming treats, and calming supplements. Not sure which products to try? Our staff is highly knowledgeable about pet training! If you have questions about our pet training supplies or you need advice about training methods, ask one of our team members. We’re here to help make sure your pet is happy and healthy!


Training products you and your pet will love.

Mounds offers many effective and trusted training aid products:

  • Agility Course Starter Kits
  • Biogroom Bitter Taste Spray
  • Calming products
  • Cat Attract cat litter
  • Clicker Trainers
  • Adaptil/Comfort Zone Spray, Plug-ins, and collars for Dogs and Cats
  • Feliway Spray and Plug-ins for Cats
  • Grannick’s Bitter Apple
  • Hunting Scents
  • No-Pull Harnesses/Collars
  • Gentle Leader head halters & Easy Walk harnesses
  • Prong Collars/Choke Chain Collars/Martingale Collars
  • Sporn no-pull head halter
  • Sense-ation no-pull harnesses
  • Innotek Collars, zone trainers, & containment systems
  • Patricia McConnell Ph.D. books & dvds (Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist & Zoology Ph.D. from UW Madison)
  • Pet Corrector training spray
  • Poochie-Bells potty training bells
  • Potty training pads
  • Petsafe Citronella Collars
  • Petsafe Spray Shield
  • Products to stop pets from eating poop
  • Retrieving Dummies
  • Ssscat motion sensor sprays
  • Sticky Paws
  • Thundershirt
  • Training Treat Pouches
  • Wee-wee attractant posts
  • Whistles/Bells for hunting dogs
  • X-mats

…and many more! To be sure that we have the item you’re looking for in stock, just give us a call. Our sales associates are always happy to answer any of your questions.

Please note: Not all sizes, brands and products are available at every Mounds location. Please call for availability or to special order a product.