Round up Application

Month-Long Round-Up Application

Apply for a month-long round-up for your 501(c)3 animal-related organization. Customers will be able to round up their in-store purchase total at the register and the proceeds will go to your organization. The round-up will take place in either May or September of 2022.

Applications are closed. The deadline was 3/1/22 at 11:59pm.

If selected, your organization is required to schedule and attend 3 in-store events during the month of your round-up and 3 in-store events at other times throughout 2022. The round-up will start the first Monday of the month and end on the last weekday of the month. If chosen for May, your round-up will start May 2nd and end May 31st. If chosen for September, it will start September 1st and end September 30th.

Previous round ups:
September 2021: DogsInVests
May 2021: University of Wisconsin Madison K9 Unit