Small Animals

Fun stuff for fabulous furry friends.

Mounds offers just about everything you need to keep your furry little companions healthy and happy:


  • Carefresh
  • Marshall
  • Midwest
  • Pestell
  • SunSeed
  • Super Pet/Critter Trail

Toys and Supplies

  • Browns
  • 8-in-1
  • Four Paws
  • Lixit
  • Marshall
  • Midwest
  • Oxbow
  • Peter’s
  • Preview
  • Super Pet
  • VitaKraft
  • Ware

…and many more! To be sure that we have the item you’re looking for in stock, just give us a call. Our sales associates are always happy to answer any of your questions.
Please note: Not all sizes, brands and products are available at every Mounds location. Please call for availability or to special order a product.