Underdog Pet Rescue Round Up

Help us reach our goal
of $12,000 for Underdog Pet Rescue in September 2022!

About Underdog Pet Rescue:

Underdog Pet Rescue is an all-breed companion animal rescue based out of Dane County, Wisconsin. Their mission is to find permanent homes for animals in need, and to enrich lives by strengthening the connection between animals and people through community services and outreach.


Join them by supporting their Capital Campaign to Secure a Larger Space so Underdog can Grow and Help More Pets!

Over the course of the next year, Underdog will be dedicating fundraising efforts to cover the expenses involved in moving to a larger space. This will increase their life saving impact, and they cannot do it without your support! Added veterinary space, improved parking space, grooming, boarding, and dog day care are all services we hope to be able to offer at our new location. 

Underdog is firmly committed to saving the lives of true Underdogs: shelter animals who truly need our help to survive and thrive. They don’t receive any state or government funding. They rely on the generosity of donors and community partners to cover overhead costs that adoption fees don’t cover. They are committed to raising $500,000 so they can purchase a new property to safely and effectively provide care for more animals that need them.


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Learn more about Underdog Pet Rescue and

how to get involved on their website.