Mounds Partnership

Adopt a pet


Mounds Pet Food Warehouse is committed to reducing shelter overpopulation by partnering with local rescue organizations for pet adoptions. These partnerships provide the resources needed to create successful forever homes for all types of pets throughout our community.

We don’t sell animals; instead, our events provide opportunities to adopt and find the perfect match based on personality and lifestyle. Join us to discover the joy of adopting a pet and access valuable resources for responsible pet ownership.


Thousands of animals are currently housed in animal shelters patiently waiting for their forever homes. Meet these loving animals and adopt a pet at our adoption events! 

Our various rescue partners are here to walk you through the adoption process from head to wagging tail. They make sure that pet and person are a good match for each other based on personality, lifestyle, and other day-to-day habits.

Our rescue partners are always available for questions about adoption, their adoptable pets, and anything else you may think of.


Through our rescue partnerships, we hope to be a trusted resource for our community, bringing people and rescue animals together.

dog adoption kit package
cat adoption kit package

If you have adopted in the last 14 days, bring in your adoption contract from a 501(c)(3) shelter or rescue and receive a dog or cat adoption kit. These items are FREE; you only pay the sales tax!

Free items are in-stock items only. Not applied to special orders. One redemption per species, per year, per household with appropriate adoption contract with adoption taking place within the last 14 days. An Astro Loyalty Account is required. Must provide all requested personal information including e-mail address. Consumer pays sales tax. Items or promotions are subject to change or end at any time.