Adopt a Pet through Mounds Partnerships

At Mounds Pet Food Warehouse, we are committed to helping reduce pet shelter overpopulation. As part of this commitment, we do not sell any animals at our stores. Instead, our knowledgeable staff has strong partnerships with trusted local animal rescue organizations to help families adopt a pet. These partnerships provide the resources needed to create successful forever homes for all types of pets throughout our community. Local pet adoption center events and animal behavior training resources are a great opportunity to learn more about pet adoption and pet ownership.

Why Adopt a Pet

Thousands of animals are currently housed in animal shelters patiently waiting for their forever homes. Meet these loving animals and adopt a pet at our adoption events! Our various rescue partners are here to walk you through the adoption process from head to wagging tail. They make sure that pet and person are a good match for each other based on personality, lifestyle, and other day-to-day habits. They are always available for questions about adoption, their adoptable pets, and anything else you may think of. 

Pet Adoption Shelters and Rescue Resources We Support

Organizations We Support

In addition to the various pet adoption events we host throughout the year, we also support many local animal rescue groups. These include a variety of caring, local humane societies, foundations, and animal sanctuaries. When you adopt a pet, the process doesn’t end after you and your new furry friend go home. These rescue groups are a great resource for pet care, pet behavior, local kennel clubs, and dog training classes. These proactive approach classes limit behavioral issues that could lead to animal surrender. Through our ongoing pet care resources and rescue partnerships, we hope to be a trusted resource for our community, bringing people and rescue animals together. 

For more information about which animals can be found at Mounds Satellite Centers in Fitchburg and Sun Prairie, please visit the adoption page at Dane County Humane Society. For information on the animals at Janesville Satellite Center, visit Friends of Noah‘s website.