Astro Loyalty Program

We track your coupons and deals,
making it easy for you to save every time you visit.

How do I get an Astro Loyalty Account?
What does it do?

When visiting any Mounds location, you can enroll in the Astro Loyalty Program at the register with a cashier or sign-up online!

The days of carrying a punch card might you lose and saving UPC codes or receipts for deals are gone! We keep track of all of your qualifying purchases, keeping you updated on how many you have purchased and when you receive your free item!

Frequent buyer cards can be separated by species (dog/cat), size (S/M/L), Type (Kibble/Cases/Wet/Dry), etc. The free item available depends on the brand and your qualifying purchases.

We are able to give and keep track of special deals, like our Monthly Specials but only for those enrolled in the Loyalty Program.

Astro Loyalty through

We will work diligently to apply your purchases to your Astro Loyalty Frequent Buyer Program based on the information you have provided which will aid us in finding your account. Please monitor your Astro Loyalty Account with the app should their be a discrepancy or error that arises. You cannot redeem your earned free item via this ecommerce platform and must come in to the store for redemption. We are unable to apply Astro Offers outside of the Frequent Buyer Program via this ecommerce platform. For any Astro Offer sales, discounts, or promotions you must visit the store.

With the app, you are able to check your deals and frequent buyer cards from the comfort of your own home!

Downloading the app:
Search for “Astro Loyalty Consumer App” and download the app service in either the App Store for Apple devices or the Google Play Store for Android.

The username is the e-mail used when signing up in-store for your account.  If you received the Welcome E-mail, it asked you to set up a password. If you did not receive that, use the “Reset Password” button after entering your e-mail to set up your password.

While another store may use Astro Loyalty, your deals and frequent buyer redemptions through Mounds are only valid at Mounds. We cannot combine punch cards with Astro Frequent Buyer Cards started at different stores. Your Astro Loyalty account with Mounds is valid at every Mounds location.

We cannot accept receipts or UPCs and convert them to the Frequent Buyer Cards in your account.

Effective May 1, 2020, paper punch cards will no longer be accepted. If you have not converted to an Astro Loyalty account, please bring your punch card(s) to your preferred Mounds location and visit a cashier at the register.

Please note that a brand or type of food participating in the Frequent Buyer Card Program may have expiration dates attached to your purchases causing these purchases to disappear from your account and no longer count toward redeeming your free item. This is not the decision of Mounds but the decision of that brand.

Ensuring your privacy is important to us.
We do not share your personal information with third parties.