Dog Food and Dog Supplies

He’s your trusted friend. She’s your snuggler on cold days. Our dogs are our family and we know when it comes to dog food and dog supplies, you only want the very best.

Mounds brand dog food, Dog Power, is a high-quality dog food we trust for our own furry friends. We have a variety of Dog Power formulas including grain free dog food as well as other nationally recognized dog food brands to choose from.

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Our dog supplies include more than just the basics for your best friend.

We have a huge selection of dog leashes, dog collars, beds and toys. For chewers, chasers, pouncers, and runners, our dog toys are going to tire them out. Afterward, they’ll need to have a comfy dog bed for relaxation (or, to keep them off your bed, if you need that!).

If you’re in need of a harness or a crate, which can be a difficult decision for some dog owners, we can walk you through the best size needed to make sure your dog is comfortable. Of course, we carry a large variety of dog grooming products like shampoo and brushes to keep them smelling good, as well as keeping their coats shiny and clean!

Mounds has a large selection of dog supplements to help with everything from dental and breath issues to stress and anxiety, to urinary and joint issues. We know you want your dog to be healthy and we will help you find the best supplement to keep your best friend in optimal health!

Visit Mounds today and let’s keep your pets healthy and happy together!